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Aerosyn-Lex Meštrović



Aerosyn-Lex Meštrović is a multi-hyphenate artist who works in an array of media, including painting, sculpture, multimedia installations, fashion design, film, and more. His ambitious projects have led to numerous awards and collaborations with Nike, Kanye West, Jeff Koons, Diane von Furstenberg, Dell, Microsoft, and many others. 

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Meštrović’s family immigrated to South Florida when he was a child. While living in Miami, Meštrović father, a Yugoslavian expatriate and art enthusiast, introduced him to painting and calligraphy at an early age, exposing him to the languages and cultures that would later influence his work, like Japanese calligraphy, Latin script, graffiti, and Slavic mysticism. 

As an adult, Meštrović majored in fine art and fashion at the Pratt Institute in New York. Thereafter he followed his passion for lettering to Japan, where he lived for several months and studied under a respected calligrapher. His extensive training in lettering work can be seen in his piece included in Cultural Currency titled, Yes We Can. The Riemers purchased this piece in 2009 at a Washington, D.C. gallery during their trip to attend Barack Obama’s first inauguration. They state, “At that time, still in “the trough” of the Great Recession, uncertain of what had happened and fearful of what might happen, our country was in turmoil.” The piece plays off of Obama’s famous “Yes We Can” campaign slogan, which the Riemers found particularly inspirational during a period of transition and uncertainty for the country

Meštrović has used his work and life experiences to address global issues like bridging communication gaps between nations. In 2016, he was selected by the White House to serve as an ambassador on the US-Japan Leadership Council, a bipartisan group comprised of the top thinkers and creators from both countries who strive to bridge cultural relations through art and technology.


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