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Call for Art | Grand Strand Collects

Exhibit Dates | September 28 – December 14, 2017

Grand Strand Collects is an exhibition of art borrowed from private collections along the Grand Strand, our beloved coastal community stretching from the southern tip of Georgetown County up to the northernmost part of Horry County, South Carolina. Little is known of the incredible art collections that grace our Grand Strand shores, and the Art Museum aims to bring to light not only the caliber of art in these collections but also to pay homage to the art enthusiasts who collect them. Many of these collectors are friends and patrons of the Art Museum or are soon to be – we hope – and we intend to exhibit the treasured art from their homes in a new, extraordinary light at our 1920s-era beach-home-turned-Art Museum. Collectors and art enthusiasts alike will be amazed at the beauty of these art objects — taken out of the context of their everyday place in homes and offices and arranged thoughtfully with others in our galleries, forming aesthetic relationships with their new neighboring works of art. In addition to the art, visitors will enjoy reading accompanying labels that tell the story of how the art was acquired. What types of art are we looking for? | The exhibition will feature works of fine art, both 2D and 3D, that demonstrate not only artistic merit but also their collectors’ premises for adding/acquiring them into their collection. Whether the artwork has been passed down from generation to generation in a collector’s family or purchased as an addition to a particular collection of work by an artist or genre of art admired by the collector, the Museum is interested not only in the works of art themselves but equally so in the story associated with their acquisition. In short, we want to “show off” the rich artistic treasures and their respective collectors that reside in our coastal community. If you think your collection contains one or more pieces of art that fit the framework of the exhibition described above as well as the criteria below, please follow the submission process guidelines below for consideration.

Participation | The exhibition is open to art collectors who reside in either Georgetown or Horry County, South Carolina.

Submission Process | Please complete electronic submission for work(s) you wish to be considered for exhibition. You will receive e-mail confirmation. Notify us if you do not receive a reply within three business days. Works of art under consideration will require an on-site viewing by Museum curator Liz Miller, who will contact collector to arrange date/time.


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