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American Society of Marine Artists 18th National Exhibition

January 16 – April 17, 2021

Marine art is a genre that depicts maritime activities, inshore and harbor scenes, naval scenes, ship portraits, waterscapes and marine wildlife. Marine art took root as its own genre during the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century, when artists began to make their careers by specializing in naval and trade ship portraits and scenes. Many of the conventions of the Dutch tradition of marine painting are still practiced today. The Romantic period of the 1900s ushered in the dawn of the popularity of the seascape, making waterscapes absent of vessels common for the first time. European marine artists, who came to America, helped establish this genre in prosperous port cities, including Boston, New York and Salem.

The American Society of Marine Artists is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of marine art and maritime history, with a focus on education and the exchange of ideas among artists, collectors, educators, historians and students. Since its founding in 1978, the ASMA has presented its prestigious national exhibition biennially. Featuring 110 paintings, drawings and sculptures representing the very best in marine art, this highly sought after exhibition is touring museums throughout the United States, and the Art Museum is proud to be one of those venues.

the work:

participating ASMA artists:

David Bareford
Christopher Blossom
Roger Dale Brown
William R. Davis
Don Demers
William P. Duffy
Lisa Egeli
Sheri Farabaugh
Bill Farnsworth
Neal Hughes
Michael B. Karas
Russ Kramer
Loretta Krupinski
Richard Loud
Leonard Mizerek
Paul Mullally
Charles Warren Mundy
Charles Raskob Robinson
Sergio Roffo
Kim Shaklee
Len Tantillo
Kent Ullberg

Peter Egeli
John Stobart

Joann Ballinger
Poppy Balser
Serena Bates
Paul Beebe
Renee Bemis
Luc Bernay
Brad Betts
Holly Bird
Karen Blackwood
Richard Boyer
Michael Budden
Mitch Caster
Hiu Lai Chong
Sally Cole
James Consor
Laura Cooper
Priscilla Coote
Fred Craig
Donald Curran
Matthew Cutter
Mark Daly
Anthony Davis
Darrell Davis
SaraJane Doberstein
Austin Dwyer
Mary Erickson
Nicolas Fox
Paul Garnett
Claiborne Gregory
Jim Griffiths
Christopher Groves
Micaiah Hardison
Carolyn Hesse-Low
Randall Higdon
Matthew Hillier
Kathleen Hudson
Sarah Hull
Joseph Jackson III
Michelle Jung
Alana Knuff
Greg LaRock
James Lawless
Ronald Lent
Calvin Liang
Steven Lush
James Magner
Don Maitz
William McKeown
Terry Miller
Ann Mohnkern
Larry Moore
Brechin Morgan
Debra Nadelhoffer
Donna Nyzio
Mary Louise O’Sullivan
Ed Parker
Scott Penegar
Robert Perkowski
Mary Pettis
Judy Saltzman
Morgan Samuel Price
Val Sandell
Robert Semler (d. 2020)
Mark Shasha
Daly Smith
David W. Smith
Jeanne Rosier Smith
Jerry F. Smith
Hodges Soileau
Luke Steadman
Nancy Tankersley
John Tayson
Jane Tukarski
Paula Waterman
Marilyn Wear
Gary Young

Richard Allison
Lana Ballot
David Belling
Fred Doloresco
Joyful Enriquez
Pamela Ingwers
Susan Jositas
Robert MacPherson
Jane McGraw
Victoria Nelson
Ken Stetz

installation views:


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