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Feast Your Eyes | Celebrating the Food of the South

June 10 – September 17, 2017

Feast Your Eyes will explore our culinary heritage as nourishment and beyond: a form of cultural, political and artistic expression; an enduring source of comfort; sometimes an object of obsession; perhaps a symbol of class, race or gender…and always a cause for celebration. Food and beverage icons, peculiar and particular to the South, will be examined with works in an expansive variety of two and three-dimensional media, including paintings in oil and watercolor; works in pastel; printmaking; photography; sculptures in ceramics, metal, wood and mixed media; textile and fiber arts, and functional art such as handcrafted dining furniture and serving ware. These objects will invite viewers to explore the confluence of the three distinct foodways (Native American, African and European) which have converged over time and place to form our unique cuisine, originally one of survival, now exalted for its honesty, comfort and generosity.

Feast Your Eyes will bring together painters and sculptors of startling realism; artists working larger than life and those working much smaller; some who are exploring the politics, psychology and humor in the food of the South; others who work with unexpected materials, and those who seek to help us “gather at the table” in an artful way. You’re sure to enjoy every course of this mouth-watering, provocative and evocative exhibition.

The Work:

Participating artists:

Deane Ackerman
Peter Anton
Bobby Bagley
Eldridge Bagley
Alice Ballard
Colleen Bang
Tarleton Blackwell
Phil Blank
Bloodroot Blades
Aubrey A. Bodine
Rachel Campbell
Ann Caudle
Martina Celerin
Elaine Coffee
James Fowler Cooper
Natalie Daise
Heather Mae Erickson
Amy C. Evans
Dinah Fried
Jonathan Green
Woody Gruber
Michael Harrell
Mark Horton
Claude Flynn Howell
Chris Hughes
John Johnson
Mandy Johnson
Mary Ellen Johnson
Nell Choate Jones
Kyle Keeter
Elizabeth F. Keller
Brian Kuehn
Hilarie Lambert
Robert Lange
Margaret Moffett Law
Cliff Lee
Ed Bing Lee
Muddy Waters Furniture
Louise Neumann
Thomas Satterwhite Noble
Alvin Outlaw
Brent Pafford
Thomas Addison Richards
Shannon Runquist
Tommye Scanlin
Lauren Schiller
Cedric Smith
Sara Smith
John Sperry
Jonathan Stein
Patianne Stevenson
Denise Stewart-Sanabria
Logan Tanner
Prentiss Taylor
Meryl Truett
Shalene Valenzuela
Emily Wallace
Chris Williams
Linda Solomon Wills
Logan Woodle

Participating lending institutions include Artfields (Lake City, SC), The Columbia Museum of Art (Columbia, SC), The Gibbes Museum of Art (Charleston, SC), The Johnson Collection (Spartanburg, SC), The Morris Museum of Art (Augusta, GA), The Red Piano Gallery (Hilton Head, SC) and The South Carolina State Museum (Columbia, SC).

Docent Tours

Join Karen Olson, one of the exhibition curators, for an afternoon tour of our mouth-watering summer exhibition. Tours are free, no reservation necessary.

Tour Schedule:

Food for Thought

To deepen the experience of Feast Your Eyes | Celebrating the Food of the South, the Museum is offering Food for Thought, a series of nine Wednesday-afternoon lectures and food events to explore food topics both local and regional. Seating is limited, so be sure to make your reservation by calling the Museum at 843.238.2510. For a complete list of lectures, visit our calendar.


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