Laura Gutierrez Robertson


Laura is a contemporary artist with a testimony of faith in God’s plan and provision throughout a person’s life. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in South America, she was the youngest of four children. The family lived modestly in a farmhouse surrounded by fruit trees, chickens, ducks, dogs, and a family cow. Idyllic days spent playing soccer barefoot in the streets were mixed with days spent in school. Laura is a natural lefty but was trained by her father to also write with her right hand. Some of her fondest childhood memories are associated with the local church that would bring clothes and shoes to the family. These early memories would establish her lifelong relationship with God.

When she was 16 years old, Laura moved to the United States to live with her older sister Helena. While there she learned English, met her first love, and graduated from high school. She returned to Uruguay after graduation and began working in a dentistry office but soon was able to start a modeling career with “Elite Model Management”. Her work took her to Brazil, the United States, Argentina, and Spain. A job in Greece then led to another in Milan, Italy where her modeling career expanded and she founded the “School of Fashion Design”. This led to a fateful meeting providing her the opportunity to work for the luxury fashion house of PRADA®. Her skills and talents were recognized and sought by other top leaders in the fashion industry and she found work at STELLA MCCARTNEY®, JIL SANDER®, and NEIL BARRETT. Her early childhood memories of simple country life, combined with her knowledge of textiles, design, and instruction, led her to use recycled products and establish a unique clothing line “Finger Print” that was manufactured in Tuscany and offered for sale in the finest stores in Paris, England, and Italy. Laura credits the favor of God and His divine intervention for all her success.

After 15 remarkable years in Europe, Laura’s life once again changed dramatically. Her first love from high school, David Robertson, sought her out while she was visiting family in Uruguay. Their relationship was immediately renewed and they were married. They returned to the United States to make their home and were blessed with a daughter, Sophia. Laura continued to use her creativity to design and contract the family home they would build. She also worked locally staging real estate and other home interior endeavors. She expanded her interest in theater and art. Laura was seeking a hobby to express her love for people, the Earth and most importantly God. Laura believes we are all purposed filled and seeks to express God’s love, glory, and inspiration in her works. She places an emphasis on Bible teachings while incorporating recyclable materials. As she paints, images and messages are revealed in the mIxed-media layers. Please peruse her paintings and view what God has created through the perspective of her eyes, hands, and life experiences.


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