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Lee Johnston


Lee Johnston

This is an exciting time in my life as “Art” has finally risen to the top of my to-do list.

My college education focused on what I was told would be the best way towards a successful living. I must admit they were correct about being successful. I progressed from draftsman to designing and building manufacturing buildings, grandstands and racetracks, and owning and running a picture framing business. Art has always been an important element in all my endeavors, but it was not the focus.

Parallel with my other careers I evolved as a self taught artist. Yes this is an unconventional path, but has given me freedom of what I express in my art. I was not educated and molded at a young age into traditional thinking, so now in my senior years I get to decide what my artistic goals are.

I intend to focus on emotions. All elements in my painting aid and reinforce the presentation of emotions. My artistic goal is for the observer to remember moments of excitement, exhilaration, joy, happiness, peace, comfort, tranquility, passion and love. To have your mind take you to thought provoking, interesting, even challenging locations. My painting simply helps you remember and then go there.

I have learned that it is not things that are important, it is the joy, hope, and excitement we experience with or from those things. I hope to share those great emotions with you through my art.

Please look and enjoy. Come along, we have great journeys ahead.


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