Lesley Etherson


For nearly three decades, I have had the privilege of fostering the creative potential of secondary school students as an art teacher, guiding and inspiring them to become art enthusiasts and practitioners. While my professional career has revolved around education, my personal artistic path has been a captivating voyage of discovery within the realm of photography.

The lens, for me, has been a powerful storyteller, capturing the nuances of life, emotions, and fleeting moments. However, it’s in the convergence of my lifelong passion for photography and a newfound fascination with AI art generators that my artistic metamorphosis truly begins.

In the field of AI-generated art, I have been engaged in an exciting exploration, delving into the unexplored areas where technology and creativity intersect. My work focuses on the collaborative fusion between AI art generators and human artists in order to shed light on the challenges women face. This interaction creates a platform to provide a thought-provoking commentary on the ongoing journey towards gender equality.

My artistic exploration examines the interconnectedness between human creativity and artificial intelligence. In this collaborative process, the creation becomes a balanced interplay that blurs the boundaries of authorship. With my input, the algorithms introduce an element of unpredictability, echoing the complex and unpredictable nature of the obstacles women encounter on a daily basis.

The resulting AI-generated works become visual narratives, each pixel a brushstroke articulating the diverse and nuanced experiences of women. These pieces weave together a tapestry of resilience, strength, and vulnerability, amplifying the voices of the marginalized. The intent is to provoke contemplation, fostering dialogues on the entrenched disparities that persist in our societal fabric.

In addition to its aesthetic value, my art serves as a visual statement that encourages introspection within society. It invites viewers to examine deeply-rooted biases, question societal norms, and actively participate in reshaping a world where gender equality is not only an aspiration, but an eventual reality. The collaboration between artificial intelligence and the artist symbolizes the collective endeavor required to dismantle expectations based on gender.

As an artist dedicated to promoting social progress, my work focuses on raising awareness of the often overlooked challenges faced by women. The collaboration with AI serves as a means to collectively imagine a future where the obstacles of today lead to widespread achievements. It represents the importance of unity in surpassing societal expectations related to gender.

In an era driven by technological advancements, the integration of artificial intelligence and feminist art serves as a catalyst for societal change. This partnership challenges societal conventions, envisions a future devoid of gender-based limitations, and encourages individuals to actively contribute to the pursuit of equality. The collaborative endeavors of human and artificial intelligence paint a portrait of progress, portraying a future in which every woman’s journey is characterized by empowerment, equal opportunities, and infinite possibilities.


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