Bill Strydesky






97 | Bill Strydesky | Tree Flow VII | acrylic on canvas | 24×30


Bill Strydesky began his journey on the artist path as a child in N.J. where he started painting at the age of twelve. Years later in Washington D.C. he would expand his interest into works expressing his rich emotional life using oil pastels, while being inspired and influenced by his friend Jacob Kainen who was an American painter and printmaker. Kainen is also known as an art historian, writing books on John Baptist Jackson and the etchings of Canaletto. Today Bill paints acrylic creations that represent both his response to the world around him and his own inner world. He was profoundly affected by the events of 9-11 at which point his work changed dramatically. His color palette literally exploded and his definition became much more clear and dynamic.

It is his inner world that is most represented in his paintings which push the limits of the status quo and prove that Bill’s work is beyond convention. The images he creates are filled with provocative shapes, intense colors and energetic movement which transport the viewer into uncharted territory, also known as “Planet Bill”.

Art forms have always fascinated Bill with symbolism and patterns being his main interest. Throughout history many amulets, charms, talismans and symbols have been used by reli­gious sects and the occult as well. This started him on a path of discovery into early religious and occult drawings. As he explored the use of symbols over the years, he found the draw­ings in the pyramids to be unique. Geometry enters into many of these drawings and works of art, so Bill’s passion for Sacred Geometry drew him into the research of ancient symbols. This led him to the Seals of Solomon the King, which are still used today in some obscure re­ligions. Bill’s interest in the Seals of Solomon caused him to thoroughly explore them. There are 72 Seals of Solomon and each one represents a different entity. As far as he was able to discover no painting of the Seals as a set existed. Being mesmerized by the Seals and the meaning behind each one he decided to paint the entire set of 72 Seals. The interesting thing is the first Seal he painted was done in 1998 and the final Seal was completed at the beginning of 2020.

Bill’s artwork has exhibited in numerous shows and galleries over the years. His work can be found in the homes of discerning collectors all over the world. Bill is also a supporter of the arts as well as a collector of art. His personal collection is impressive and includes world renowned artists as well as local artists that are just starting out.

If you would like to visit Bill’s studio, gallery or private online galleries, please contact him by phone at 843-267-4477 or e-mail at



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