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Cindy Silvers


29 Cindy Silvers, Oh Joy (Pelican Series), mixed media, 20″x16″

As a child I was always thoughtful and reflective, and often wondered about different cultures, both past and present, and their relationship to the world around them. When I re-discovered art later in life, the pursuit of creative expression in paint felt joyful and became a natural way to explore connections: to nature, to others, and to our collective past.

As I pursued my studies, I found myself drawn to the oriental focus on simplicity and “capturing the essence” of a subject. Memories from my childhood in Japan, of the grateful, beautiful brush and ink calligraphy, led to the interest in sumi ink and rice paper painting. Most of my work to date has been a response to nature, and often starts with sumi ink and watercolor on oriental paper which is either finished as a traditional watercolor, or included in mixed media work.

My interest in ancient cultures, legends, and myth, …the collective stories of Life’s Journey… led to another genre of abstract mixed media paintings and oracle cards. I continue to search for universal symbols, ancient writings and animal drawings, that speak our common experience. As I move forward exploring the history and mystery of nature and the human experience, I hope to create dreamscapes that speak to Spaciousness in Life and Spirit.

I paint to create the unimaginable. Life and Art have become an inseparable joy-field dance of exploration. My paintings can be seen at Island Art Gallery in Pawleys Island, SC where I am an owner-artist, and on my website:


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