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GC Schow


GC Schow


GC Schow, 1944–2022. Originally from Ogden, Utah GC spent most of his life in the West, Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest. His love of history, travel, nature, and the great outdoors all influenced his art.

To all who knew him, would tell you he was an uber creative artist, designer, and illustrator—but also had a warm smile and a wicked sense of humor. He received his BA in illustration at the Arts Center of Los Angeles, and then his BA in business management from Whitworth College. His talent as an artist was put to good use when living in Los Angeles. He loved sharing his work and one part of his career path was working as a “tweener” for Disney on the animated cartoon movie, Cinderella. His professional career over the years was as a graphic designer and illustrator, and later as an art director for Hewlett-Packard.

He had a thirst for knowledge when it came to creativity—besides being a talented illustrator and watercolorist, he had a passion for creating art on the computer. This led him to join the Digital Arts Academy to learn how to paint using the program, Corel Painter.

After moving to Virginia, he worked as a designer for government contracts – including one with the US Department of Justice. GC and his wife started their graphic design firm, ImageWerks in 1999. Starting out designing logos, websites, and print materials. He eventually turned the business into a photography & fine art studio. His fine art skills were showcased in many of the projects he did for their clients.

GC was an uber-talented artist or as his wife would say, “GC is beyond talented!” He would spend hours creating work he couldn’t wait to share with anyone who would listen to him talk about his art. His passion was taking Kathy’s photos and turning them into colorful paintings. His preferred form of painting was watercolor, but as he did more in the digital realm, he developed a style of what he called digital mixed media. Working from photographs that caught his eye and interest, he would create one-of-a-kind acrylic canvas or watercolor. (digital painting + paint medium = digital mixed media or “mixed media”)

In 2013. he had a special exhibition, “Remerging Technologies” at the ART Factory in Manassas, VA where he showcased his digital paintings alongside his wife, and the late photographer/artist Donald E. Hurlbert. His work was shown and sold in numerous Mid-Atlantic art festivals, as well as local art galleries, such as the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA, Seacoast Artists Gallery, and the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum in Myrtle Beach, SC.

GC was still doing some type of illustration or painting until he just couldn’t anymore due to his deteriorating health and eventual passing. Collectors who are interested in existing originals or limited editions can contact his wife. In addition, his work is available for licensing. You can find GC’s vast body of finished pieces at


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