Sara Credito



92 Sara Credito, Sacred Spaces, acrylic 21″x21″

Sara Credito is an artist who lives in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. She is the owner and founder of w.i.n.k. art (whimsically inspired, naturally keen). Her style is fluid, impressionistic, and definitely whimsical. She has consistently given back to the community within the scope of her talents, through fundraising, cultural awareness, and art therapy. Her clients are often times return customers, and the reasons are many. The amusing titles of her paintings frequently capture the art collector’s interest almost as immediately as the visual image. The following is a mission statement from Sara. It sums up her passion and understanding of her creative gifts, but mostly it reveals her appreciation and gratitude for the magic that flows from her fingers.


From her own words:

‘Recently I’ve come to the understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ realization of the reason that I paint, though not totally. Though I carry my artistic abilities with me, it’s the ‘where’ that mystifies me most. The room where I paint is, in of itself a living, breathing, well of spirit and energy. A source that keeps giving and providing me with unexplainable inspiration, as if there was a chorus of energies leading me sweetly down the rapturous path of beauty, and revelation. It sounds supernatural, but even the word magical or fantasy doesn’t seem to totally describe the environment. I can say for certain that others have reacted to my room. When friends and art collectors/clients come to visit, I have noticed, that they ‘notice.’ Too many glorious stories to tell, but one in particular I will share, as it was pivotal in my art career and life. Three years ago a world renowned artist came to visit. He knew virtually nothing about me, and came with me, up the winding steps of our home to the second floor where many of my paintings are displayed. It was delightful having him there, and we chatted as we walked through the rooms. I was a bit star struck by him, which is why I think that when he paused pensively over some of my work, it really didn’t sink in. But as he crossed the threshold of my gallery, he stopped, made a beautifully sweeping gesture with his arms, and breathed deeply, saying ‘ahhh.’ As if he sensed something, something amazing. Almost as if there was a shift in the air, or an explanation. Without my knowledge at the time, this experience shaped me and my future. It seems like an ordinary room, a former guest room. Poor lighting really for a craft that requires optimal vision. A window where I keep my easel, two lamps, that’s it. And between my deteriorating vision, (just age), and the less than good lighting, it’s stunning to see that when my paintings are brought out, and shown in the full lit gallery outside my room, that they appear as the do. Everyone always comments on the light and visions within the paintings, though I barely have a ‘technique’ or explanation. I’ll just call it a ‘miracle.’ I know, a pretty word, a bit cliche, but clearly an underused, and unappreciated word in my humble opinion. And, my beautiful enchanted room deserves it. The room where I pray, and meditate, and create. The room where I taught my grandson how to paint, the room where my Chocolate Lab Doggies sit by my chair in quiet observance for hours with obvious respect, and an uncanny understanding of their surroundings. The room where my beloved husband brings me espresso every afternoon as he tries to break my trance, and we catch up on the day. And finally, a room that has witnessed more tears, laughter, chatter, and love, shared by my friends and clients; same difference! A room that evokes emotion, and truth, which I’m finally able to somewhat understand. And, though the room, once a bedroom, does have special history which I will keep private, it’s richness keeps giving, and,… I am never alone.’


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