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Thomas R. Britton



20 | Thomas R. Britton | Corkscrew Falls | acrylic | 24×20



Painting, Drawing, Wood Turning, Sculpture…

Medium – Acrylic, Watercolor, Wood, and whatever else I can get.

When I was very young I developed an interest in art. I remember regularly watching a show on TV (John Nagy…remember him?) that taught how to draw. It was fascinating. My middle school art teacher, Mrs. Hill, encouraged me to go to an art school. Although my high school did not offer art classes, I kept drawing and did cartoons for the school paper. I attended the University of South Carolina with a major in business and a major in art. I then went to Ringling School of Art. Since it was hard to make a living and support a family with art, I worked in construction for about 10 years. For the next 30 years after that, I pursued a career as an independent insurance adjuster working for many different insurance companies and handling a variety of claims. I began using my art again (while working claims) to depict a sequence of events related to an accident or incident. The insurance companies loved it.

Retirement has allowed me to finally pursue my dream. I started painting again, when I took a few watercolor and acrylic classes. Those classes got me back into art. I love to create works that are aesthetically pleasing, and interesting. The creative process is very stimulating, and I am sometimes surprised at what comes out of my head! That is where most of my creations begin. Most of my paintings are imagined and painted from what I see in my mind. They generally involve a collection of elements I have observed in the past. I use artistic license freely and often… It’s great!

I also enjoy turning wood on my lathe and have occasionally done some sculpture.

I reside in Myrtle Beach where I am the Show & Communications Director for the Waccamaw Arts & Crafts Guild.


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