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Susan Fleming

Artist Bio
I am Susan Fleming, a mixed media artist born and raised in Arizona where I completed
my B.A. and M.A. in the Visual Arts with an emphasis on Fine Art Education. An
extensive teaching career in the Fine Arts kept my creativity and imagination constantly
flowing. Exploring and hiking around Arizona helped influence my love of nature and
natural elements of which I have collected physical and mental images that reflect the
My recent transplant adventures to the Carolinas are also evolving into new creative
self expressions, including spiritual renditions which are discovered while using many
applications of multiple media layers; often mixing charcoal, colored pencil, water
color, acrylics, pastels, collage collections, and photoshop original sketches. The
pieces seem to evolve through processes which are comprised of continuous intuitive
decisions developing in harmony,
I do not have predetermined outcomes. I truly enjoy this ceaseless urge toward fresh
original abstract creations. I pray my art endeavors emotionally engage the viewers’
inner spirit and encourages personal healing, hope, and inspiration.
These two artists’ quotes resonate with me:
“My work shifts from realism and tangible objects to abstraction and emotion. I often
ask myself, “what is the painting trying to say,” or “what does it need?”

Christine Lashley

—“Focus on allowing the subconscious to become conscious “—
-Robert Henri-
“Surrealscape”: Acrylic varnished for protection, gallery wrapped stretched canvas,
measures 16” H x 20” W x 1.5” D.
This creative self expression evolved through steps of discovery while using many applications
of multiple media layers; mixing colored pencil, water color, pastels and collaged collected
*Recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the “”Beyond Earth” Art Competition: Ten Moir
Gallery, Also Juried into: “Amethyst Remembrance”: A Purple


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